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Filename autumnity-1.1.1-1.15.2.jar
Uploaded by martianarchitecture
Uploaded Apr 10, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2   +1
Size 307.30 KB
Downloads 5,374
MD5 8d5909e1b1aace0061335e4036399630
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Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


- Updated to Forge 31.1.41

- Maple forests and maple forest hills now generate properly

- Maple forests are now a bit rarer

- Pillager outposts no longer generate in the pumpkin fields biome

- Biome weights are now configurable

- Maple trees are now a little bit rarer in normal forests

- Snails can now eat from the feeding troughs from Quark

- Pillagers now hate snails

- Mooshrooms are now afraid of snails

- Syrup bottles now have the same drinking sound as honey bottles

- Stripped and sappy maple woods are now craftable

- The maple ladder crafting recipe now gives the correct amount of ladders

- Fixed block burning times

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