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Filename autumnity-1.1.0-1.15.2.jar
Uploaded by martianarchitecture
Uploaded Mar 30, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 303.04 KB
Downloads 3,010
MD5 6842995ae50f2b02996f163f9d7aea03
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- Port to 1.15.2

+ Added pancakes

+ Added a new potion effect: extension, brewed with snail slime (it makes active potion effects last a little longer)

+ Added maple forest hills and the pumpkin fields biome

+ Added the Sneaky Protection advancement

+ Added a Russian translation (credit: mARRSSSSSS)

+ Added a French translation (credit: H4Mm3r_)

- Removed the sturdiness effect (Snail shell chestplates still make you knockback resistant)

- Snails are no longer afraid of mobs that wear snail shell chestplates

- Snails now shake a little when you hit them :(

- Maple sapling can now be placed in flower pots

- Wandering traders now sell maple saplings and snail slime

- Green maple leaves now emit leaf particles

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