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Unlock a new underwater world with Atlantis! Discover lost temples, uncover hidden treasures and so much more! Atlantis introduces an entirely new ocean-themed dimension for you to explore, filled with mysteries and secrets. What will you find...


Versions currently supported: 1.19.2, 1.20.1, 1.20.5/6


Endless Ocean: Adventure is a partner of this mod. Try it out alongside Atlantis!


How to get to the Atlantis dimension

Old method:

  • Kill all 3 Elder Guardians at an ocean monument, a portal block will spawn upon killing the last one. 
  • Right-click this block to go to the new dimension.


  • Right-click the Orb of Atlantis, this summons the portal that you can use to go to the dimension.

Newer method:

From Atlantis v1.3.0-1.17 to Atlantis v1.1.0-1.18.2, you can construct the Atlantean Portal! This portal is made like a regular Nether Portal, but using the Atlantean Core and is lit with a water bucket (similar to the Aether Mod).

Current method (Atlantis v1.0.0-1.19.2+):

  • Create 12 Atlantean Frames and place them in the shape of an End Portal.
  • Ignite the portal by right-clicking each Atlantean Frame with an Orb of Atlantis, again, like an End Portal.
  • Step in and go to the dimension.

The following video demonstrates constructing the portal in current versions of the mod:

Extra tips:

  • When in the dimension you will have permanent water breathing, haste, and night vision. 
  • If you spot a fountain-like structure look under the concrete for aquamarine ore and lapis blocks.



Mod Showcase (1.19.2)

Mod Showcase (1.16.5)


Thanks to LudoCrypt for this mod's music.

Thanks to aftoncodes for writing this description page (yes, I credited myself :P). 

Ore Dictionary is used within this mod.

All textures and models are all rights reserved (license of this is on GitHub).

The code for this mod is under LGPL v3 as shown on this page it is also on GitHub.

FOR MODPACK CREATORS: You have full permission to use Atlantis in any modpack, giving credit where due and linking this CurseForge page in the modpack's download page.