• Spawn rates are the same as in the nether (uniform distribution covering the entire world except top and bottom 10 blocks). If you want to change it, override the placed feature to change where and how often it spawns, and override the configured feature to change the blob size.
  • Drops same amount of xp and quartz as nether quartz ore
  • Renames the "Nether Quartz" item to "Quartz" (en_us only)
  • (Only on fabric) If you want to make it not spawn in a biome, add it to the #overworld_quartz_ore:quartz_ore_blocklist biome tag. I couldn't find a good way to implement this on forge, sorry (you might be able to add your own biome modifier that removes the biomes you want? i haven't tried it). If you want to use a tag to include biomes on forge, you can override this file and make it use your tag instead