Ars Magica 2

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Main File

Filename 1.7.10_AM2-
Uploaded by AWildCanadianEh
Uploaded Feb 8, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10  
Size 20.58 MB
Downloads 2,255,282
MD5 1e4b8c84cda22fd093c5e921374578e9


Community update!


  • No new features added in yet! Just fixes!


  • Updated forge version
  • Improved localization
  • Rebalanced Entangle spell component
  • Telekinesis does not require sneak to be held while adjusting distance
  • Grow component will grow flowers on grass & do some more
  • Keystones and locked objects now notify the player if misused
  • Smoothed & improved boss animations
  • Ars Magica potion effects will try to find an open potion ID on first launch
  • Essence bag no longer requires sneak-use to open, just use
  • Reflect now requires a witchwood log for crafting
  • Various CPU load improvements
  • Spell targeting of creative players can be disabled in config
  • Improved death messages
  • Arcane reconstructor now deactivates when out of power

Bug Fixes

  • Spell book keybinds now scroll in the correct direction
  • Scroll wheel now works properly in spell book and Telekinesis
  • Rift storage and soulbound items no longer disappear in the End
  • Mod progress is no longer reset when changing dimensions
  • Divine and Ender Intervention components no longer cause crashes
  • Appropriation component no longer crashes dedicated servers
  • Arcane Guardian no longer crashes if near other bosses
  • Appropriation component now respects spawn
  • Creative only spell components now have textures
  • Shrinking is more fluid and stable now
  • Flowers now spawn with other world generation mods
  • Arcane reconstructor animation now works on SMP
  • Disarm component no longer crashes client in SMP
  • Ars Magica no longer eats bandwidth
  • Optifine, Thaumcraft and DragonAPI are now properly detected
  • Witchwood forests now generate witchwood trees
  • Dispensers no longer pick up Liquid Etherium (Blame Minecraft for this one)
  • Cycling spell shape with an empty spell book no longer crashes
  • Tarma roots now only spawn in dark places, but will not break due to light
  • Mob heads no longer crash imbument tables
  • Chrono anchor properly stops when crossing dimensions
  • Crafting table recipes now use ore dictionary
  • Rift entity has a name now
  • Power networks no longer "ghost" if broken in certain ways
  • Dig component now breaks blocks properly
  • Chrono anchor no longer conflicts with other mods that have death events
  • Removed console spam & cleaned up logging
  • Obelisk no longer causes network errors
  • Ars Magica now works properly with Thermal Dynamics
  • Dispel no longer desyncs clients
  • Liquid Etherium has a name now
  • /AMUICFG command is now purely client-side
  • Crashes no longer happen while breaking some Ars Magica blocks
  • Changing username no longer resets progress
  • Projectile spells no longer pass through some parts of a boss
  • Bosses now render properly
  • Journal no longer restores spent experience
  • Warding Candle no longer crashes if used on redstone ore
  • Arcane Deconstructor and Magician's Workbench no longer duplicates items
  • Keystone doors no longer drop wooden doors
  • Essence bag no longer eats essences

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