3,159 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 13, 2020 Game Version: 1.14.4

Lava Lake

A skeletal spider bathes in the lava of a lake found in the Spider's Den.


The advancements made to guide the player through the mod.


Some of the more important items added by this mod. (the key was removed)

The Web Spinner

A new crafting station used to make web related items, including essential tools to get to the Spider's Den.

The Portal

The portal used to access the Spider's Den.

Arachnoid Merchant

The arachnoid merchant in his underground dwelling.


The longlegs spider in its snowy habitat.

Trapdoor Spider

The trapdoor spider in its trapped cave.

Stinger Spider

The wild stinger spider in its sandy home.

Logo 1

The first logo of the mod.