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  Ancient Warfare is a modification for Minecraft that focuses on providing the player with a medieval-esque themed automation system, NPC armies and cities, siege weapons, and an extensively fleshed out world gen structures with over 2000 structures split across various Tribes and Nations spread across the Minecraft world.


  Ancient Warfare provides medieval based working power creation and transmission systems, automated resource collection for crops, trees, and mining as well as mass resource storage and processing. This done through working windmills, waterwheels, and other forms of power generation, as well as player owned and controlled NPC workers etc, priests, traders and soldiers.


  Your typical Minecraft world, namely the Overworld dimension, is quite barren with little to do in it. Let’s be honest - villages and wood mansions simply don’t cut it. Ancient Warfare mod fixes that by adding a ton of unique structures for the Player to encounter and explore.



“Appear at points which the enemy must hasten to defend; march swiftly to places where you are not expected.” - Sun Tzu


 Ancient Warfare adds ways for a player to recruit and command troops. And we’re talking here about real soldiers. There are several classes of the troops you’re able to get: grunts, archers, horsemen, healers and siege engineers. Each of the soldier types can be equipped with body armor, weapons and shields, which are used during combat to either reflect an arrow or a deadly blow from an enemy. 


Player Owned Combat NPCs

Siege Engineer, Medic, Commander, Archer, Soldier, Combat NPC


Did we say siege engineers? You heard that right. Along with regular grunts, you can employ siege engines, typical for the stereotypical medieval period, such as catapults, ballistae, small trebuchets, LARGE trebuchets. There are even gunpowder cannons!  The mod also has working and Player and NPC usable boats and wagons etc. It also has working portcullis, drawbridges, and gates the size of which is variable to your own designs.


Siege Weapons


It wouldn’t be an “art of war” if all these men couldn’t fight on their own and follow orders. Player owned troops will fight monsters and hostile troops. That’s right, players are able to either use vanilla scoreboard teams or FTB Utils teams feature to separate troops and wage war with each other. Troops can be selected in-world, dynamically and can be controlled by their owner player with special commander tools. 

Clash your armies for epic battles


Commanding Soldiers GIF

Soldiers can be commanded directly


Ancient Warfare also offers a full complement of functional civilian NPCs to run your cities and manage your resources, as well as offer simple in-game flavor to your world. Most of these NPCs are used for the Automation system as described below.




“When the soldiers stand leaning on their spears, they are faint from want of food.” - Sun Tzu


  A supply is a key concern in warfare of any sort - your troops must eat, and vehicles require materials to be built and projectiles to fire. Ancient Warfare 2 provides a multitude of ways in collecting resources, be it for building, running an army or simply out of desire to produce lots of stuff! You can even create an entire fully automated city that can run without too much player intervention with enough setup. 


Ancient Warfare workers performing various tasks


    You can either employ civilians to work for you, or harness the powers of wind and water to create complex machinery if that suits your taste more. 


The windmill and the watermill can generate torque energy


  Naturally, as with all the production - comes a question of transportation and storage. Which is also covered by the mod. You can create dynamic multiblock storage Warehouses and move items around with the help of couriers!


One warehouse can solve all your storage problems


  And if you are tired building by hand - you can employ your workers to build for you as well!

  AW2 provides over a hundred “shell” structures that, given the correct materials, your NPC’s can build for you! These include bridges of various lengths and styles, aqueducts, balloons and airships, shops, houses, fortifications, towers, factories, farms, windmills, watermills, cranes and more. You can also add your own custom structures to this system, via the AW structure scanning.


Let your workers do the heavy lifting




“An army may march great distances without distress, if it marches through a country where the enemy is not.” - Sun Tzu


  So you’ve built your city, you’ve trained your army. What’s next?

  Ancient Warfare populates the Overworld dimension with more than 2000 unique structures, inhabited by 45 different Tribes and Nations. These are set up as "encounters" in a dungeon style experience. There are hostile, neutral and friendly NPC Nations and Tribes and each has its own structure set inhabited by all sorts of NPCs - warriors, lords, siege engineers, spearmen, archers, sentry's, priests, bards, civilians etc.

  Please note that these Tribes and Nations are meant to be independent actors within the Player's world, and as such, the Player CANNOT join up with them or command them in any meaningful way. You can make your own Nation after all!


General World Gen


These are the people and races of different cultures, each with their distinct theme and art style. Some are hostile, some are friendly.



Empire, The Witchbane, Witchbane Crusaders, Noggs, Norska, Sarkonids, Xoltecs, Guild of Merchants, Shakayana, Zamurai and Reiksgard.



Buffloka Plains, Buffloka Forest, Zimba, Kong, Smingol, Sealsker, Vyncans, Brigands, Pirates, Amazons and Barbarians


Fantasy Tribes and Nations

Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs, Hobbits, Ents, Gnomes, Gremlins, Giants, Minossians, Lizardmen, Rakshasa, Klowns, Monsters and Beasts.



The Coven, Icelords, Ishtari, The Malice, The Guardians, The Undead, Vampires, Wizardly and Demonic


All of these tribes and nations are biome specific – you will find the Norska in cold snowy biomes, or the Kong in sweltering jungles.

Biome support covers modded biomes too including ones from these mods: Biomes O Plenty, Traverse, Environs, Spooky Biomes, Novam Terram, Vampirism, Explorercraft, Auxiliary Biomes, Redwoods, Project Vibrant Journey, Thaumcraft, Coral Reef, Oh the Biomes You'll Go!, 

RTG is recommended. OTG is incompatible.


Tribes and Nations inhabit various structures ranging from dungeons, to tiny roadside ruins to sprawling enormous procedurally generated unwalled and walled cities.


Walled Cities


Unwalled Cities


Naturally, raiding comes with a reward. The harder the structure you’ve raided - the grander the loot might be! It can be materials, weapons or other useful goods. Or it can be money. 

Money that you can spend at trader markets and shops that some structures contain!




AW2 has a full suite of structure world gen tools - a very easy to use structure scanner, random world gen based on biomes, sound blocks for ambient sfx in structures, loot chests, mod support for many other mods including contributions from Electroblobs Wizardry, Grimoire of Gaia etc.


AW2 allows you to very easily spawn your structures into the world, furnish them with NPC's and stock them with loot, furniture, sound effect blocks and much more. AW2 world gen algorithms made structures blend very well into the world without harsh "box cuts" into the landscape.



“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” - Sun Tzu


  AW2 is a HUB mod – which means it actively supports and enhances many other mods - bringing together their monsters and creatures in dedicated structures such as dungeons and castles. If you don’t have a supported mod installed, its dedicated structures will not spawn in your worlds.

See your favourite mods in a new light!

- Ever wanted to find a bunch of unique wizard towers or mage guilds, housing Electroblob’s Wizardy mages? Or fight against AW's own master magicians. Encounter Grimoire of Gaia, DungeonMobs, PrimitiveMobs, Fish's Undead Rising or Mowzies Mobs bosses in unique situations and structures tailor made for them.

- Fight your way through unique dungeons and defeat an Ice & Fire dragon, guarding the treasure? Or explore unique tropical islands with exotic mobs?

- Friendly AW npc's will serve you Pams Havestcraft meals, Rustic Ales and wines and trade many, many items from other mods with you. 

.. You can do it all with AW!

Mod Support




Mob Mods supported - meaning we have dedicated structures for their mobs - or their mobs appear with others in our structures: Astikoors Carts, Grimoire of Gaia + GOG Redux, Mowzies Mobs, Ice & Fire Dragons, Fish's Undead Rising, Eerie Entities, Harvesters Night, Dungeon Mobs, Better Animals Plus, Zawa, Electroblobs Wizardry, Exotic Birds, Mo Creatures, Pirates, Reptile mod, Primitive Mobs, Waddles, Owls and The Summoner.


Mods supported by feature - meaning their items and objects appear in AW structures or are available as trades from NPC traders: Waystones, Rustic, Pams Harvestcraft, Comforts, Open Glider, GemsPlusPlus, Reliquary, Shipwrecks, Quark, Charm, Useful Backpacks, Future MC, Vampirism, Enchanting Plus, Astikoors Carts, Bottled Milk, Simply Arrows, Apple Core, Dungeon Tactics, Spartan Shields, Spartan Weaponry.


Target Mods: Mods that AW npc's are set to interact with in hostile or friendly ways: Minecolonies, Millenaire, MCA.



Questions / Suggestions / Bug reports / Just want to chat?


Join the mod's Discord channel to receive extensive support from our helpful community.

As for the bug reports - report any bugs or issues on GitHub.  The issue tracker is located at:  https://github.com/P3pp3rF1y/AncientWarfare2/issues   Issues reported in any other way will be ignored.  Please browse the existing tickets to ensure it is not a duplicate.  If an issue exists that covers your problem feel free to add any additional info that you may have.

If your issue is not a duplicate, feel free to open up a new ticket.  Please describe the problem in as much detail as possible.  If it is crash related, include the crash report.  If it is a repeatable issue, describe the steps necessary to duplicate it.  All of this information will come in handy tracking down and solving the issue – the more information you provide, the quicker the issue can be found and dealt with.



    The AW2 Build Team

A big thank you goes out to the AW team builders who have created many excellent structures and even entire Tribes and Nations structure lists. This mod has been made and updated with a lot of help from many people who have donated skins and structures for our use. And there are others who have contributed bits and pieces to the mod over the years. Many thanks to all of you.

- P3pp3rF1y – Our wonderful programmer and visionary without whose tireless work and millions of lines of code, nothing would be possible.

- Mohawky – The build team leader and main contact and reviser of structures donated to the mod from other builders. Created the Tribe and nation Powers system and has worked on the mod since 1.6.4  

- 🇫🇷TheOddlySeagull – for many, many structures that have taken a huge amount of time and effort – Sarkonid and Norska unwalled and walled towns. Undead graveyards, Minossian beach and island temples, and many, many more.

- Gungnir343 – for many interesting and well-made structures that add a real challenge for conquering Tribe and Nation npc’s.

- Weserts555 – for a large number of structures with great gameplay – across a number of tribes and nations 

- WinDanesz – for so much additional programming, artwork and awesome wizard towers, undead crypts, and furnishings etc, and his linking AW with Electroblobs wizardry through creating AW2 npc spellcasters and his own bridging mod Ancient Spellcraft.

- Faenum ♀🇬🇧🇪🇺 – for Guardians and other structures.

- And a big thanks to Silentine the author of most of the updated textures for the mod. For creating so many awesome models and furnishings and incorporating mobs into his Grimoire of Gaia mod, especially for use in AW structures.

- Other building and art contributions from:

   Arcuriel (SciuridaeBrowser), Overjay, Landar and SirSquiddly

- And last, but by no means least, ThatPolishKid99 who creates and maintains the mod's in-game manual and does a tremendous job responding to all the questions of our Discord community and have committed a lot to our code base, both new features and improvements.