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 ☁️ About the Aether ☁️

The Aether Team presents the original Aether mod! Maintained and kept up to date for modern versions of Minecraft and fully compatible with multiplayer!

The Aether centers around a dimension high in the sky, filled with vast skylands of clouds and floating islands. This dimension features its own new survival adventure, based around a basic vanilla-esque survival progression that features new ores, mythical mobs, and three perilous dungeons each with their own powerful loot items.


☁️ What's in the Mod ☁️

The Aether consists of many new accessible features, most of which are explained in the original forum post for the Aether Collaboration Mod. A brief overview of this content includes:

  • A Hostile Paradise in the sky: the Aether dimension! Just make sure not to fall off of it, or you’ll end up back in the Overworld.
  • A range of new blocks and items accessible from the dimension itself.
  • 3 utility blocks: The Altar, Freezer, and Incubator.
  • 4 material tiers: Skyroot, Holystone, Zanite, and Gravitite, each with their own tools and weapons with unique abilities.
  • The Book of Lore, complete with an entry for every block and item in the mod.
  • An accessory system that lets you utilize the loot you discover.
  • Mobs both reminiscent of the Overworld and unique to the Aether.
  • Moas: a flying mob mount with different tiers of differing jump counts.
  • 3 new structures to conquer: the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Dungeons, each with their own equipment to loot and bosses to defeat.
  • Eternal Day, only able to be ended once the final dungeon is conquered, then the day cycle can be controlled with a unique utility block: the Sun Altar.

☁️ Getting Started ☁️

To get started with the Aether, you must construct a portal with a Glowstone frame and light it with a water bucket in the middle, this will activate the portal and allow you to step through and enter the dimension. From here you can begin your survival in the Aether’s hostile paradise!


☁️ Conquering Dungeons ☁️

The Aether's world contains three new mysterious dungeons, each with a fearsome boss to defeat...

The Bronze Dungeon is the home of the Sentries and guarded by the ominous Slider, a creature born of pure stone. Look out for hidden tunnels through islands and prepare yourself with the best gear you can craft!

The Silver Dungeon is the beautiful Valkyrie Temple. Challenge the knights of the Valkyrie Order and, if you prove worthy, fight the Valkyrie Queen herself. Utilize every tool and trick you can to best this ancient warrior. 

Within the rare Gold Dungeon lies the Sun Spirit, an eternal being of pure fire and energy. He is the God that rules the very Sun itself and will take some convincing to even pay attention to a being such as yourself. But it is rumored he guards some of the best treasure that exists in the Aether.


☁️ Join the Conversation ☁️

Come join our Discord server to chat with a growing community of over 10,000 members!

Have a question for the developers? Need help setting the mod up? Found a bug? We have dedicated support and development channels for the Aether mod! Or maybe you just want to chat about the mod or organise play sessions on our official server? The Aether Discord is the place to be! Our friendly staff and welcoming community will make sure you feel at home with us!

☁️ Support The Aether Team ☁️

Without your support, making the Aether wouldn’t have been possible. Please consider pledging to help fund development! Every pledge goes directly towards development and enables us to continue doing what we love most.

☁️ Contributing to the Project ☁️

Looking to contribute to the Aether mod? The Aether is open source, meaning anyone who is interested is able to contribute code to help out the project! More info about this can be found on our GitHub Repository.

We also accept translations for the project through Crowdin, allowing the Aether to be accessible to more players!

Both our Translation and Code Contribution credits can be found on our GitHub repository.