Advanced Machines


Welcome to Advanced Machines UUUMA (Unnerfed Unbuggy Updated Machines Again).


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A set of Induction Furnace-like machines for macerating, extracting, compressing, metal forming, recycling and washing.
Just like Immibis's version, these are plain Induction Furnace equivalents. No nerfs have been been added, but they do have 2 upgrade slots each like the Induction Furnace.

Rotary Macerator:
wysiwyg image
wysiwyg image
Has two output slots.

Singularity Compressor:
wysiwyg image
Has one output slot.

Centrifuge Extractor:
wysiwyg image
Cells aren't really cells at all but treetaps.
Has three output slots.

Thermal Washer:
wysiwyg image
Has 3 output slots. Do not insert water into an empty hot thermal washer.

Compacting Recycler:
wysiwyg image
Has one output slot. Can also make scrapboxes from 9+ scrap.

Impellerized Roller:
wysiwyg image
Has one output slot.

Liquescent Extruder:
wysiwyg image
Has 3 output slots.

Water-Jet Cutter:
wysiwyg image
Has 1 output slot. Requires water.


  • Update extractor crafting recipe image ;)
  • Canning Machine
  • Thermal Centrifuge
  • Blast Furnace?
  • Fermenter?
  • Maybe bring back array generators depending whether they're really wanted.
  • Get some new textures

All made using the new ITeBlock and XML GUI system if any budding IC2 addon devs want a fairly simple example.