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Filename AcademyCraft-1.0pr2.jar
Uploaded by weathfold
Uploaded Oct 25, 2015
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 24.97 MB
Downloads 8,053
MD5 cec034a749b42a0a3e74b3e71fe99e4a
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions



AcademyCraft 1.0pr2 contains a bunch of bugfixes, fixing most gameplay-impact bugs. Also compeletly redesigned the crafting logic and lowered the survival difficulty. Skill data are also adjusted.

## Bugfixes
* Fixed `/aim exp` command taking out-of-range values * Fixed `/aim` command cheats_on/off switch being reset when player is dead * Fixed some items not rendered correctly in Item Frame * Fixed can't quit GUI with 'E' key using node * Fixed wireless matrix inventory flashing * Fixed ignoring surrounding blocks while placing Ability Developer * Fixed not correctly consuming liquids using Phase Generator * Fixed Railgun skill not correctly consuming stacks with iron block/ingot * Fixed node name 'editable' in energy blocks' link GUIs * Fixed perks automatically learned * Fixed ability developer UI opening for ALL clients while opening by ONE player * Fixed items crafted with invalid subtype id (65535) * Fixed phase liquid appears as missing-texture in some situation (Most notably BuildCraft Tanks) * Fixed flashing while holding blocks and right clicking some of the mod blocks. (e.g. Nodes) * Fixed name and connection loss of Wireless Node * Fixed can recover CP by lying on the bed and leave bed * Fixed slight GUI placement error of Metal Former * Fixed some skills can't hurt dragon or some other entities ## Enhancements * Now JAVA7 COMPATIBLE Decided to not support java7 now and future * Removed the redundant 'preset' command * Make 'aim' command's hints more friendly * Improved ja_JP.lang * Added shift-click behavior for Phase Generator * Adjusted applying range of Arc Generation * Add cursor for Data Terminal, improve visual effect * Added link-to-node UI for Ability Developer, Solar Generator, EU&RF converting modules * Mine Rays now accounts for destroyBlocks flag and AcademyBukkit Residence support * Added some machine working sounds. * Change Imag Fusor to correctly identify Item Stack damage value * Adjusted ore spawning rate. * Added some OreDicts for mod materials * RF Support module doesn't anymore require ThermalExpansion ## New Features * MineTweaker 3 support by 3TUSK * Added 'Resonant Crystal Ore' * Added a preview for 'Research Note'

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