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A mod that aims to make creating food more realistic!



I wasn't testing the mod outside of the development work space, and after a friend trying out the new version, he told me it didn't work... But now it does!!


If this ever happens again, tell me!!


Just started working on the mod again and to follow the development live you can see it at the new Github!




As this mod is in early beta expect bugs and things missing. If you want me to add anything to the mod just tell me in the comments! 


How is this mod "realistic"?


To make a cake, you have to put the recipe in a crafting table. But then you only get a, Pan Full Of Strawberry Cake, or Pan Full Of Blueberry Cake, etc. So then you have to cook it in a furnace, then you get the cake you desired. To make the bread, that makes bread slices, that makes sandwiches, you have to make dough which is crafted with flour which is crafted with wheat and a hand grinder, then put the dough with a pan... But again you get a pan full of dough, so you have to put it in the furnace and you get the bread. To make a sandwich you need bread slices which is crafted with bread, and a knife. Then you combine the sandwich main item you desire with the bread slices. Its so realistic I've began to search real life recipes for bread, etc., and incorporate them into the mod.


What does this mod add?


This mod adds plants, ice cream, Cakes in pans that you need to cook for them to become a cake, sandwich's, fruits, tuna, pickles, flour, and juice!  


What I plan to add:


  • More food.
  • More plants that you find find around the world.
  • Seeds so you can plant fruits and vegetables.
  • Beverages
  • Freezer
  • A Working stove