Voyager shader 2.0

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Filename Voyager shader
Uploaded by symbiome67
Uploaded Sep 11, 2021
Game Version 1.17.1   +2
Size 358.90 KB
Downloads 71,000
MD5 895c01b4b8964fa53e4eef4b119500f9
Supported Minecraft 1.17 Versions
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


=>Voyager shader 2.0.3<=

-Update for 1.17+
-Add Volumeric light
-Add Breath of the Wild tonemap type
-Add porosity to rain puddles (see Lab PBR doc for more info)
-Improve volumetric clouds
-Improve volumetric fog
-Improve planar clouds
-Improve Global illumination
-Improve overhaul visual
-Tweak ambient occlusion
-Tweak sunlight color
-Tweak auto exposure
-Tweak Aces tonemap
-Tweak Temporal anti aliasing
-Rework diffuse lighting
-Fix enchantement render
-Fix broken shadow map in far render distance