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Filename projectLUMA -
Uploaded by dedelner
Uploaded Dec 14, 2019
Game Version 1.14.4   +10
Size 18.78 MB
Downloads 1,264,786
MD5 3edf0df2dd1e95ca5b0a84f2627f1422


  • New tonemapper (Uncharted 2)
  • Added stage spidereyes
  • In case torchlight doesn't work in Minecraft, emissive entities will be lit properly
  • Changed water and ambient color
  • Replaced motionblur with reprojection based motionblur
  • Added temperature slider
  • Added torchlight temperature slider
  • Added feature "Waving Water"
  • Added feature "Dirty Lens" (only applied to sun)
  • Warmer ambient color
  • A little darker ambient light
  • Reduced film grain amount
  • Added feature rain puddles
  • Changed PBR roughness curve
  • Reduced saturation by 1.045 %
  • Removed ambientlight falloff
  • Replaced default sun
  • Improved emissive light
  • Added max color range
  • Added feature "Bloom"
  • Fixed entity redstone lamp
  • Replaced godrays with volumetric light
  • Added redstone wire to emissive
  • Fixed out of bounds bloom
  • Applied sunFactor to sun and sun reflection
  • Updated .lang file
  • Added Volumetric Light quality control (Low, Medium, High)
  • Removed sunflares, since Bloom basically replaces it
  • Fixed dark reflections when using Mirrored method
  • Exponential ray samples
  • Added option to switch between godrays and volumetric light
  • Updated en_US.lang
  • Added Stratum PBR format
  • Added High profile
  • Improved Pulchra PBR format
  • Improved sun reflection for PBR
  • Fixed super bright gbuffer stages
  • Added feature "POM"
  • Added feature "Auto Bump"
  • Added feature "Normals for Torchlight"
  • Medium is the new default profile
  • Enabled soft shadows for Medium profile
  • Set SSR Method on Reflected Vector for Medium profile
  • Enabled rain puddles on Cinematic profile
  • Slightly stronger beacon beam
  • Improved screen space reflections border
  • Improved godrays fade out when the sun is not in screen space
  • Added more controls for tonemapping
  • Profile presets now go from Lite to Cinematic
  • Fixed reflections on textures with transparency
  • Updated Nether
  • Added feature "Heatwave"
  • Added underlava fog
  • Updated shader options and code cleanup

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