Mylese's Dragon Ball Adventure

8,401 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 29, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Version 0.1+ (Tournament of Power / Cosmetic) Update


Click the files section above for changelog and different minecraft versions.


5k downloads special update (coming soon)


This is a work in progress addon mod that adds dragon ball powers into the game.


Requires lucraft core: Lucraft: Core (Click)

Requires Hero Expansion: HeroesExpansion (Click)

Requires Speedster Heroes Speedster Heroes (Click)

















Mod Showcases

The True Gingershadow









Step 1: Load the Required Mods above at least once, e.g. lucraft: core.

Step 2: Download the latest file for the minecraft version you want, e.g. Minecraft 1.12.

Step 3: Open your minecraft folder and put the files in the addonpacks folder.

Step 4: Load the game.


Forge Version: 

Lucraft: Core Version: 2.4.3

HeroesExpansion Version: 1.3.3

Speedster Heroes Version: 2.1.3







Skins Made By:


1. B La Strider

2. Killer11205

3. The rest were anonymous 





This Is my YouTube I Will Post Update Videos on my mod here check it out My Youtube 

This is my Discord where I Post sneak Peeks and stuff about the mod: My Discord {click me}

You can use this mod in all mod packs. if used in official mod packs(just tell me in the comments or something)  I would really like to know.


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