Complementary Shaders v4

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Game Version 1.19.2   +13
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The v4.6 update for Complementary v4 comes with a lot of lighting tweaks, color adjustments, improvements and fixes as usual to provide you the most natural v4 experience ever.

Changes over v4.5.1:
- A bunch of general color and lighting tweaks to achieve a more natural look, including:
   - Tweaked daytime sky saturation and brightness
   - Tweaked daytime light shaft colors
   - Tweaked sunlight color temperature during sunrise/sunset
   - Tweaked ambient lighting brightness during day
   - Tweaked lighting brightness on leaves
   - Tweaked lighting brightness on block sides
- Improved vanilla clouds to have an extended range and also appear taller
- Added "Depth Of Field Focus" option for taking screenshots
- Added "Water Waves" option. Disabled on "Potato" and "Vanilla / RTX-ish" profiles
- Added Froglights to Scene-Aware Colored Lighting
- Tweaked emissive layers of Warden, Endermen and Spiders
- Tweaked the look of Glow Lichen (IntegratedPBR)
- Reduced brightness of Glowstone, Sea Lantern, Jack o'Lantern and End Rod (IntegratedPBR)
- Updated SSAO to Complementary Reimagined SSAO
- Updated LiteTAA to Complementary Reimagined TAA
- Fixed many modded blocks and/or resource pack models having some incorrect dark shading
- Fixed labPBR/SEUSPBR/POM causing entities to have broken nametags
- Fixed labPBR/SEUSPBR/POM causing broken textures for some (modded) blocks
- Fixed labPBR/SEUSPBR/POM not working in older Minecraft versions
- Slightly increased cloud movement depending on the camera altitude
- Slightly tweaked water bumpiness handling
- Optifine's dynamic lighting is no longer mostly disabled
- Removed the feature where Rain Puddles are reduced near Light Sources if Rain Puddle Coverage isn't set to 100
- Changing Water Type to "RTX-ish" or "Vanilla-ish" no longer reduces water bumpiness by itself
- Updated license