Complementary Shaders

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Filename Complementary_v3.03d2_[UNZIP_ME].zip
Uploaded by EminGTR
Uploaded Aug 26, 2020
Game Version 1.16.2
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MD5 be9be6853645be15341801ecd12b0f44
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- Nether color intensity no longer affects the fog intensity.
- Slightly reduced the nether color intensity by default.
- Fixed an issue with composite program failing to compile in the nether.
- Fixed distance blur intensity on high profile.
- Fixed enabling "Broken Water Light Shafts" causing the shader to die.
- Improved clouds to be smoother, fluffier and no longer look stretched.
- Improved water reflections in several ways, including the return of cloud reflections and more accurate sky reflections.
- Improved nether color handling. You can expect an overall brighter nether.
- Improved Distance Blur.
- Improved Ambient Occlusion.
- Improved "Show Light Levels Below 8" option in several ways.
- Improved bloom tiles and tweaked bloom strength.
- Improved underwater light shafts' color and intensity.
- Improved lighting for The Twilight Forest dimension.
- Added "below y level 0 darkening" that is similiar to what happens in vanilla under y level 0.
- Added "Plants, Leaves + More" choice to the Subsurface Scatter(ing) setting.
- Fixed false reflections appearing at the edges of block intersections.
- Tweaked labPBR hardcoded metals.
- Slightly tweaked several specular maps.
- Vignette is now enabled by default with 0.50 strength.
- Fixed carpets getting too bright near a light source.
- Fixed nether portals being brighter in the nether.
- Leaves, vines and lilypads are now brighter under skylight.
- Disabling Border Fog (previously called Vanilla Fog) no longer disables lava and blindness fogs.
- Underwater brightness is no longer affected by water color intensity.
- Many more stuff.