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Filename MultipleHomeManager.jar
Uploaded by _ForgeUser8402331
Uploaded Dec 9, 2012
Game Version 1.6.2   +2
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MD5 07964541a7a3793b21d052d155665a38


Version 1.2.0
- Fixed a usage issue with /listhome
- Compiled with the proper version of java

Version 1.1.2
- Major bug fix concerning player names on servers running prefixes.

Version 1.1.1
- Added Vault as a soft dependency, to correct loading issues.

Version 1.1.0
- Added command /homelist to enable a user to view their currently set homes (permission node mhm.command.homelist)
- Added command /mhmadmin to view admin command help (permission node mhm.command.mhmadmin)
- Added command /mhmadmin list <player> to view another player's home list (permission node mhm.command.mhmadmin.listothers)
- Added command /mhmadmin unsethome <player> <home number=""> to un-set the chosen player's specified home (permission node mhm.command.mhmadmin.unsethome)
- Added permission node mhm.command.mhmadmin.* to grant mhm.command.mhmadmin.listothers, mym.command.mhmadmin.unsethome, and mhm.command.mhmadmin at once
- Added a database converter to correct case sensitivity with player names (Auto runs on startup)

Version 1.02
- Rewrote permissions to be better inline with naming conventions
- Sorted namespaces for better internal organization

Version 1.01
- Altered onEnable() to only display Vault dependency missing warning if economy funcitons are enabled
- Fixed ClassNotFound Exception if attempting to use /home economy functions without Vault installed (even if disabled)
- Fixed bug where players were receiving a 'Not enough funds' error if they had exactly enough money.

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