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Filename Stats-5.0-SNAPSHOT-shaded.jar
Uploaded by Lolmewn
Uploaded Aug 10, 2018
Game Version 1.12
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Stats v5.0
This is the newest release for Stats. Version 5 is built completely from the ground up and already contains exciting new features.
Supported Stats
Right now the following Stats are supported and tracked for everyone:
- Blocks broken (including location, type & timestamp)
- Blocks placed (including location, type, tool & timestamp)
- Playtime (including world)
- Kills (including world, victimType, victimName & weapon)
- Deaths (including location & cause)
- More to come soon!
Setting up the plugin
Simply drop the jar in the plugins folder. On first startup, the plugin will generate a config.yml, in which you have to put your MySQL Database credentials. Then restart your server and you're ready to go!
Seeing your Stats
You can use /stats to view your individual Stats (hover over a value to see more detailed information).
In the future, websites can be built to read the database and show statistics on a webpage.
This build is mostly intended for new users of Stats. This build will not convert old data (Stats 2 / Stats 3) data into Stats 5 data (yet). Watch for updates on when this is supported.
Furthermore, all gathered statistics are sent to a global server which will be used to display statistics on a website, just like with Stats 2. Will we reach 219 years of playtime again?

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