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Filename AntiCreeper.jar
Uploaded by filbert66
Uploaded May 7, 2016
Game Version 1.9
Size 88.51 KB
Downloads 44,383
MD5 fb17499e2211e3582d3d4a01940f2371


  • Version 4.20:
    • Fixed:
      • NPE on startup with mcstats. No need to opt-out anymore
    • Added:
      • Now support colored banners in filter lists.
  • Version 4.19
    • Added:
      • Minecraft 1.9 compatibility, mainly for
      • new replaceWith config allows replacing exploded blocks with provided block material
        • can combine with blockPhysics; if so, throws whole blocks not drops
  • Version 4.18.1
    • Added:
      • new .placeThrownBlocks for each node that, if blockphysics is true, alters from throwing 'dropped' blocks to whole blocks.
        • Resultant blocks are placed in new positions if possible. Yes, can look ugly, but also can result in cool things like snow layers flying a long ways
        • expect fewer burning locations when combined with .fire = true option
        • defaults false
      • new placeThrownBlocks command option for ac command line options to modify live config
  • Version 4.17:
    • Added:
      • new exception_worlds for each node can turn off Anticreeper's modification of each nerf_* explosion type.
        • nerfed_worlds is global, must be set for any effects to take place
      • new entitydamage.tohostilemob and entitydamage.topeacefulmob entries that override .tomob.
        • tohostilemob includes sometimes(?) hostile mobs: pigmen, spiders, endermen
        • topeacefulmob includes sometimes angry wolves.
  • Version 4.16.2:
    • Fixed:
      • Defaults for Enderdragon nerfing player damage (Ticket 40)
      • Language loading warning with space in jar path.
  • Version 4.16.1:
    • Fixed:
      • Blockphysics not working with default yields (Ticket 38).
    • Added:
      • ac version command to print version number
      • ac stat added to acp help: prints statistics sent to mcStats.
  • Version 4.16:
    • Added: "all" option to world command
      • now supported from console
      • also supports supplying a named world instead of "all"
    • Changed:
      • removed '3' suffix from directory name
        • moves old 'AntiCreeper3' directory to new 'AntiCreeper' if new doesn't exist
      • removed old hard-coded defaults for nerfed_worlds
        • Now activates plugin in all worlds if nerfed_worlds is empty
  • Version 4.15:
    • Added: multiple language support via LanguageAPI
      • All messages to players, and some to console, may now be translated to any language.
      • Still works in English without installing any plugin, but if you want to use different languages you will need this other plugin.
      • See new Languages and Translations pages for details.
      • Submit your translations on Languages and Translations page.
  • Version 4.14:
    • Fixed: Blaze fireballs not igniting players (Ticket 36).
      • Now defaults to same as nerf_fireball.entitydamage.toplayer
      • Because, at least in 1.7.2, canceling small fireball damage to something will also cancel setting it on fire.
    • Added: New config node nerf_fireball.charge
      • Allows overriding entitydamage for small fireballs, which come from blazes or crafted fire charges
      • .tomob and .toitem also work for charges. .todrops, .topainting should also, but could use more testing.
  • Version 4.13.1:
    • Fixed: Added as intended support for Acacia and Dark Oak wood types that came with 1.7
      • Proper string versions of above types are not supported by Bukkit yet.
      • Soft dependency on 1.7; will work with earlier Bukkit versions as well.
    • Dependency: since this shares code with my other plugins, if you use AntiFire or Thor use their latest versions (2.4 and 4.3.1 respectively).
  • Version 4.13:
    • Added: blocklist strings that infer Material data
    • Changed: default commented nerf_enderman.blocklist now uses strings
    • Dependency: since this shares code with my other plugins, if you use AntiFire or Thor use their latest versions (2.3 and 4.3 respectively).
  • Version 4.12.2:
    • Added: changes for metrics reporting
      • report number of thrown blocks from blockphysics
      • report if any block filters by explosion type
      • report if modified explosion yield by type
      • new command acp stats to print to console same data reported to
  • Version 4.12.1:
    • Fixed: Crash on start with "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.mcstats.Metrics.addCustomData " (Ticket 32).
      • ONLY USE this version if you see this error
      • Using it along with another plugin that uses the older (R6) verson of Metrics might cause problems, too, but haven't tested that
    • Added:
      • crystal explosions statistics, still in work adding a few more metrics
      • check for SafeCreeper at same time
        • implemented Modify_Prime() API.
        • report warning when SafeCreeper is nerfing same explosion
  • Version 4.12:
    • Added: New nerf_crystal node for ender crystals
    • Fixed: "no push" bug on minecarts with default config (Ticket 31)
    • Extensive rewrite/simplification of code to make addition of new controlled explosions easier. Let me know of any bugs that my testing didn't find.
  • Version 4.11:
    • Added: New optional config nodes nerf_fireball.skull and nerf_tnt.minecart and associated commands.
    • Fixed:
      • fixed bug that nerf_unknown.entitydamage was not being used
      • can now set different base power (there is a velocity factor) for TNT minecarts.
  • Verison 4.10.1:
    • Fixed: entitydamage.depth logic reversed. Fixes Ticket 30
  • Version 4.10:
    • Added: New nerf_unknown node.
      • Same controls as other explosions
      • except fire & power, which are set by the plugin generating the unknown explosion.
  • Version 4.9:
    • Added: New explodeabove option for depth, reverses behavior
  • Version 4.8:
    • Added: .blockphysics [true|false] causes destroyed blocks to be thrown from explosion center.
      • Yes, there are command options to turn it (all) on/off.
      • It can an slow down chained TNT calculations.
      • Haven't yet tested for TNT cannons
    • Updated: nerf_tnt.* now applies to TNT minecarts from 1.5 update
      • yes, requires 1.5. Also works with 1.5.1
      • caveat: can't set power of TNT mine carts; no ExplosionPrimeEvent. It seems they are quite strong
    • Added: reporting to Turn off by setting opt-out to false in config/PluginMetrics/config.yml
  • Version 4.7:
    • Added: .power config node now allows overriding each explosion radius/power
  • Version 4.6.1:
    • Compiled with Java 1.6, so fixed if you are still using 1.6. Error details here.
  • Version 4.6:
    • Improved:
      • standard explosion smoke visuals even when nerfed (Ticket 26)
      • Randomized drop locations when blocklists active
    • Fixed
      • ignore space in string material names for blocklists
      • set creeperYield when command used (Ticket 28)
      • display yields when no # supplied in command
    • Better? Added internal default for denigrated "damageblocks"
  • Version 4.5:
    • Fixed: NPE on special explosions by other plugins (Ticket 27)
    • Added: command allowbeds (or just "beds") to set nerf_beds
  • Version 4.4.2: compiled against 1.4.5-R1.0 Bukkit release
  • Version 4.4.1
    • Fixed: recompiled with Bukkit development build >= 2505 to fix Ticket 25. Only needed if you work with Bukkit dev builds in your server.
  • Version 4.4:
    • Fixed: not writing default config.yml when no plugin/Anticreeper3 directory (nod to @xColourTheory)
    • Added: nerf_beds to control exploding nether beds (nod to @iPedro2)
    • NOTE: built with beta build 1.4.5R0.2; download 4.4.1 to fix Ticket 25 for you servers that use Bukkit dev builds.
  • Version 4.3.1:
    • Fixed: recompiled with Bukkit development build >= 2505 to fix Ticket 25. Only needed if you work with dev builds in your server.
  • Version 4.3:
    • Fixed: nowhitespace bug in blocklist parsing
    • Changed: Unattributed explosions now check nerf_lightning.entitydamage (instead of nerf_tnt)
    • Added: nerf_wither.destroyblocks to control its ability to "walk through walls" (Ticket 24), separate of the spawn explosion
    • Changed: damageblocks now named explodeblocks to clearly differentiate from destroyblocks, but configs are backward-compatible
    • Added: nerf_dragon config node to control dragon's ability to sail through blocks
      • supports explodeblocks (yes, it is actually generating a bunch of 0-yield explosions)
      • supports blocklist/whitelist
    • And commands for all of the above
  • Version 4.2:
    • Added: made topainting apply to item frames as well as picture frames
    • Added: handle unattributed explosions (usually, some other plugin) damaging entities
      • for now, uses nerf_tnt.entitydamage. entry. Could be separated to a new config item.
    • Fixed: bug when setting damageblocks using command line.
    • Added: command-line block filters now accept Bukkit Material names or ID numbers; either works.
      • I found this convenient, but remember that trees are "LOG" and planks are "WOOD", etc.
      • Cannot set subtypes in this way (such as birch or jungle wood); for that must use "17:2" form.
  • Version 4.1:
    • Added: blocklift and blockplace commands for endermen control
    • Tested against 1.4.5-R0.2
  • Version 4.0:
    • Added: in-game commands to print, set, and save configuration. Yay!
  • Version 3.7:
    • Added: Full configurability of Wither boss explosion under nerf_wither
  • Version 3.6.3:
    • Tested against 1.4.2-R0.2. No changes (yet).
  • Version 3.6.2:
    • Fixed : entitydamage.depth check was reversed; still caused damage when depth=0. Ticket 23
  • Version 3.6.1:
    • Fixed : uploaded wrong zip file. Sorry! This version will still report as 3.6
  • Version 3.6:
    • Added: .fire attribute: set whether or not any explosion should start fires
      • Fixed: Nerfed fireball explosions used to not set fire to nearby blocks.
    • Changed: respect .entitydamage all the time, no matter if not nerfed nor filtered.
    • Added .entitydamage.depth: to control how deep altered explosion damage applies
  • Version 3.5.1:
    • Fixed Ticket 20: crash (NPE by EntityDamageByEntityEvent) on TNT explosions.
  • Version 3.5.0:
    • Fixed: FINER/FINEST messages to system.log (Ticket 17) when no log level configured. (was introduced in 3.4.1)
    • Added: nerf_lightning.entitydamage functionality (Ticket 15)
  • Version 3.4.2:
    • Fixed: Removed dead code causing config file rewrite when interacting with other plugins (Ticket 16) Thanks to @daeger for the report and testing!
  • Version 3.4.1:
    • Added: nerf_fireball.blocklist.
    • Fixed: (Ticket 14) All blocks were always being saved when .damageblocks= true and .blocklist not empty.
  • Version 3.4.0:
  • Version 3.3.2:
    • Changed: increased TNT chain delay relative to Ticket 12.
    • Fixed: .entitydamage=false not really working (only checked when nerfing block damage or filtering blocks). Yay!
  • Version 3.3.1:
    • Fixed Ticket 12: "Only TNT chains" config doesn't trigger TNT.
    • Changed: Now respects .entitydamage=false and .effects=false even when damageblocks=true. If you really want to do it, OK! Also didn't really make sense when your blacklist had one type of block in it (ex. TNT) and it was a whitelist, so the only thing damaged is that.
  • Version 3.3.0:
    • Added new feature to nerf enderman behaviors
    • Fixed bug: nerf_*.whitelist was not being checked; instead old style block_whitelist was being checked for both which defaulted to false.
  • Version 3.2.2
    • Fixed: example config file inside zip at AntiCreeper/config.yml to new format
    • Fixed: some config booleans that should default to True were defaulting to false
  • Version 3.2.1
    • Fixed: (Ticket10) Players killed by nerfed explosions lose all their inventory
  • Version 3.2.0
    • Fixed: annoying "unnerfed world" message to console
    • Added: optional new configuration scheme, allowing more discrete control of features
    • Added: new ability to disable smoke/sound effects or player damage for nerfed explosions
  • Version 3.1.3:
    • fixed bug: nerfed TNT could start fires. Future: ability to turn fire on/off
  • Version 3.1.2: all functions working!
  • Version 3.1.1: update to 1.2.3 beta
    • known issue: nerfed creepers not hurting players the right amount
  • Version 3.1: update to development build of 1.2.2-R0.1
    • using new event and configuration system of Bukkit, but no functional changes
  • Version 3.0.0 : First release by Filbert66
    • New feature (tickets 1,3) with creeper/TNT nerf height/depth limit in variable "nerf_depth".
    • New feature (ticket 4): "creeper_yield" integer variable. Set to percentage (0-100) of blocks 2B leftover from un-nerfed creeper explosions
    • Fixed (ticket 5): nerfed explosions no longer destroy paintings
    • New feature (ticket 3, 5): new "tnt_list" or "creeper_list" of block IDs to NOT destroy. Flip to destroy only what's on the list by setting new "block_whitelist" to true.
  • Changelog: Version 2.5
    • Added yml configuration file.
    • Ghast nerf.
    • Multi-world (Currently it just turn on/off ALL protection in that world. Sorry about that, YAML is a bit new to me )
  • Changelog: Version 2.0
    • Added sounds.
  • Changelog: Version 1.5
    • Added AntiCreeper with AntiTNT
  • Changelog: Version 1.0
    • Releasing the plugin.
  • Reports as version 4.2, rather than 4.20. Odd
  • Nerfed lightning still sets fire to things, so that can still cause damage. Recommend AntiFire.
  • Fireballs "thrown" by a player (using some plugin) directly onto a hanging (picture or frame) knock it off the wall because the "breaker" is a Player. Bukkit doesn't communicate the difference between breaking by hand and breaking by thrown item. Still am able to nerf explosion damage from it, though.
  • Exploding beds are special; have no blocklist or entitydamage config nodes.
  • Unmodified minecart explosions (fire, yield, physics) use MC default fire & power since there is no ExplosionPrimeEvent. To avoid this set a blockfilter as blacklist with one innocuous block (ex. flower).

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