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Pteron (PMV)

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Micro Shuttle and Rescue Vehicle for three (3) kerbals.

by Fruit Bat Industries

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Texture and Logo work by Blackheart

Texture and Logo work by Blackheart

Preamble by @Sage Sagan:

I love Helldiver's KSO, but it got me thinking about the WEKA and the idea of a REALLY small lifting body shuttle(1.25m scale) for crew return and emergency returns from orbit. So after a few abortive attempts at Blender which resulted in the kind of design that should be drowned at birth, I decided to draw on a napkin at work(aren't those always the best designs?).

The idea ~would be~ [was] to keep a very low part count, so ideally it will consist of only 6-8 parts i.e. Fuselage,right and left winglets ,docking port,two oms engines. The OMS engines would be R.C.S fueled so they can share the same internal R.C.S. tanks as the thrusters. The shuttle will seat 2 Kerbals in a tandem configuration with hopefully RPM displays(2), as a place holder the MK2 cockpit IVA could be used as config is similar.

The shuttle, when fueled would weigh in at around 1.8 tonnes and due to it's size will fit in a 2.5m fairing which makes it much easier to launch especially for FAR uses. I picture it as being slightly wider that a MK2 cockpit. This is not shown on the sketch but the docking collar will fit on the rear8fBtsgg.jpg The compact size means it should fit in a 2.5m cargo bay for carrying on larger ships etc.

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Some of the amazing modeling work of Daemoria

Some of the amazing modeling work of Daemoria

More inspiration

Test Flight!

Fruit Bat Industries mk I

More inspiration

Cabin notes:

  • WIP - work in progress
  • Would love someone to convert from FireSpitter to Stock and/or KSPWheel
  • Suspension is a little stiff for landing
  • I have not personally tested the patches
  • Have a request? Glad to have them, kindly submit through GitHub.

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  • [x] Kerbal Space Program  may work on other versions (YMMV)
  • [x] Firespitter required for wheels and retracting wheels. may cause bouts of dizziness.





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Source: GitHub
License: License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 

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