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  • Show custom buff bar with seconds.
  • Include these settings:
    • Change your bar textures.
    • Change bar width.
    • Change bar scale.
    • Flash if left seconds smaller your setting.
    • Flash or not.
    • Color to red or not if left seconds smaller your setting.
    • Fills the bar or not.
    • Invert filling.
    • Change how many bars you want to show.
    • Shows icons or not.
    • Shrink bars.
    • Icons on left or right.
    • Auto set offset of your debuff bars.
    • Short duration or normal duration format.
    • Change buff colors.
    • Hide player or target buff bars.
    • Hide original player or target buff.
    • Show debuff bar border or not.


Slash Command

  • /adbb or /adbuffbar - Open GUI.

Original addon is owned by matif525 with CreativeCommons v3 license.