Simple Msg

This is a command line listener to display a message box and/or timer to every player. U can use it in-game or from a server console and RCON for automation.

Begin the command with "cheat scriptcommand simplemsg" After this include:

-timer=[duration] = to display a timer with a duration in minutes

-title="text" = define a title for the center message box and next to the timer.

-msg="text" = define the message that will appear in the center message box (below the title if used).

-display=[duration] = set the time in seconds the center message box will linger (defaults to 20seconds if not included)

-showfor=[duration] _= sets a time-frame in seconds a message and/or title should be send to joining players. Not necessary if you use a timer _

-kill = will remove all currently displayed timers/messages and pauses functionality of the mod

-restart = will restart mod functionality after -kill, give it about 40seconds to reinitialize

-removeall = will remove all shown timers and messages currently on screen.

Example: cheat scriptcommand simplemsg -timer=5 -display=10 -title="Server Restart" -msg="The server will restart to install a new mod!"

It does not matter in wish order you use the variables but if you include -kill, -restart or -removeall at any time it will execute those first and ignore all other.

All players that join the game after a message/timer has been broadcast using a timer or showfor, will receive the center message box and/or the timer with the appropriate time. Sending a new msg or title without a new timer will not override a running timer! It will replace the title and send a new messagebox to everyone's screen. If you want to remove a running timer, use -removeall first, then run your new command