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Mod ID - 970540

PALEO ARK - EVOLUTION IS CURRENTLY IN PUBLIC BETA. What this means is while the mod is stable and safe for servers and singleplayer, we are still adding more features and things to our dinos.

THIS MOD NOW SUPPORTS CROSSPLAY! Thank you console players for your patience!

Paleo ARK Evolution is a series of mod packs aimed to bring the game's dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures released from 2015-2017 back into the spotlight, overhauled with new models, animations, and QoL features & abilities of a professional quality!

Pack 1 - Apex Predators Pack 1 of the Evolution series features TLCs (We call them "EVO" versions internally, but in game they'll just be referred to as their species names) Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus. These TLCs will replace all wild spawns of vanilla rexes (Including Alpha Rexes) and gigas, and current tamed vanilla rexes and gigas will have an option in their radial wheel menus to convert them to our TLC versions (For rexes and gigas on a server/singleplayer that were tamed prior to installing this mod, please cryopod then release them to get the option to convert!)

Our EVO dinos also possess the ability to convert their vanilla saddles into their EVO counterparts too. Have a good ascendant vanilla giga saddle? Simply place it in an EVO Giga's inventory to convert it into an EVO Giga saddle. It'll maintain all its stats too!

Spawn codes & Relevant info

For information on EVO Tyrannosaurus, including taming and spawn codes, please check out the wiki here: https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Mod:Paleo_ARK/Tyrannosaurus

For information on EVO Giganotosaurus, including taming and spawn codes, please check out the wiki here: https://ark.wiki.gg/wiki/Mod:Paleo_ARK/Giganotosaurus

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Upcoming features

Tarbosaurus (Scorched Earth rex variant), Paleo variant of Giganotosaurus, more variants to replace their official counterparts in the future, new attacks, EVO Tyrannosaurus tek saddle, "Titan Hunter Giganotosaurus" for Extinction


-DarkEdgeTV - Project collaborator, sculptor -Oreloki - Concept artist, UV/retpology, texture artist -Garuga123 - Consultant -JellyGecko - Consultant, programmer -TokuSociety - Animator -CyborgXeno - Sculptor, animator -JimmyBaguette - Animator -SirBlameson - Animator -Schmitto - Sculptor, texture artist -Mecha - Original Paleo ARK Giga sound designer -Mordekaiser - junior sculptor, sound designer -Myrmecoleon - Programming -Australian Nick - Meta design and QA -Clay - Concept artist, sculptor, texture artist -Jade_317 - Concept artist -Spark16 - Concept artist -Spyre - Concept artist, texture artist -Wildwraith - concept artist -Faye - Sculptor, UV/retopology, concept artist, texture artist, animator -Eclipse - Mod compatibility consultant, programmer, texture artist -SappyDaisy - Meta design and QA -FramedLlama - Animator -Kraken - Mod collaborator, consultant, programmer -Krono - Sculptor, UV/retpology, texture artist, animator -LapisLazuli - animator -Nimwit - Lead animator -Podcreature - Consultant, sculptor, texture artist