Zygor Waypoint Setter


Zygor Waypoint Setter

This addon is not affiliated with Zygor in any way.

Zygor Waypoint Setter is a powerful addon for World of Warcraft that enhances your navigation experience by allowing you to set and manage waypoints using TomTom commands. Whether you're exploring new zones, tracking down elusive quest objectives, or simply trying to find your way in Azeroth, this addon is here to help.

Key Features

  • TomTom Command Support: Seamlessly use TomTom commands to set waypoints, making it easier to follow guides and directions.

  • Flexible Waypoint Setting: Set waypoints with zone names, coordinates, and optional titles. Supports complex commands like /way Dread Wastes 55 35 Klaxxi'vess and simple commands like /way 55 35 for the current zone.

  • Current Zone Detection: Automatically detects and uses the player's current zone if no zone is specified.

  • Waypoint Management: Easily clear all waypoints with the /clearway command.

  • Easy Integration: Works smoothly with Zygor's Guide Viewer to enhance your overall gameplay experience.


Setting a Waypoint

To set a waypoint, use the following command formats:

  • With Zone Name: /way <zone> <x> <y> <title>

    • Example: /way Vale of Eternal Blossoms 80 34 Mogu'shan Palace
  • Without Zone Name (Current Zone): /way <x> <y> <title>

    • Example: /way 55 35

Clearing Waypoints

To clear all waypoints, use the command:

  • /clearway


  1. Download the addon and extract it to your World of Warcraft Interface/AddOns directory.

  2. Ensure the addon is enabled in your AddOns list in the game.

  3. Enjoy enhanced navigation with TomTom waypoint commands!

Feedback and Support

If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvements, please feel free to reach out on the CurseForge project page. Your feedback is valuable and helps make this addon even better!

Enhance your navigation in World of Warcraft with the Zygor Waypoint Setter. Set, manage, and clear waypoints with ease using familiar TomTom commands. Download now and explore Azeroth like never before!