ZoneInfo 2 is an addon for WoW Retail that displays various information on the World Map about the currently selected zone.


The following information can be displayed (as text):

- zone name, color-coded (friendly, neutral, hostile)

- zone level, color-coded, shows effective scaled zone level, zone level range and current player level

- skill info for Fishing, Herbalism, Mining and Skinning (required skill, current and max level, color coded)

- road connections, color coded (friendly, contested, hostile)

- transport connections like boats, zeppelins and portals, color-coded (friendly, neutral, hostile)

- instances including group size and level range, color coded to indicate difficulty

- flight nodes, color-coded (friendly, neutral, hostile) 

travel advice: if possible, a travel advice will be composed, using road connections and transports, to travel from the zone the character is in to the zone displayed on the map


Other functionalities:

- minimize button

- configurable through the WoW Interface menu

- optional background with adjustable transparency

- adjustable panel scale

- information categories can be turned on or off 

- panel can be detached from the World Map (setting) and moved around freely, even outside the map

- panel can be locked in place when not attached to the World Map, with a lock button on the panel

- position can be reset in case you loose track of the panel when it's not attached to the map

- when the panel is attached or locked, you can click through it

- all settings (including position and minized state) are saved per character

- all settings can be saved to a global template that can be applied to other characters


The information ZoneInfo 2 displays on the World Map is localized.



Profession skills are NOT AVAILABLE until any one of the profession journals have been opened by the player.

The C_TradeSkillUI.OpenTradeSkill method to open profession journal dialogs from code has been restricted and now requires a hardware event like a mouse click. Because of this, the underlying LibTourist library can  no longer automatically open and close one of those dialogs during initialization to make profession skill data available.
Any ideas on how to work around this are much appreciated :-)


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WoW Classic Era


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ZoneInfo 2 is powered by Libtourist-3.0