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ZenTracker - Cooldown tracker

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This is addon version of this aura:

All credit goes to Zen. I just converted his weakaura to addon and added configuration GUI.

No need to install LibGroupInspect, it is included in this addon.

Dependencies: WeakAuras2


NOTE: You MUST have one or more front-end WAs to see anything!


Unlike some other interrupt tracking WAs, ZenTracker displays static bars instead of creating them only after a spell is cast for the first time. Additionally, ZenTracker can be used to track all types of useful spell types beyond interrupts (e.g., hard CC and utility CDs). Finally, ZenTracker uses a lightweight front-end client model, allowing easy customization of the front-end display WAs while the back-end Addon does all of the heavy lifting.


ZenTracker uses a hybrid tracking model: For other players using ZenTracker, it will use addon messages to exchange accurate cooldown information. For any players not using ZenTracker, it will fallback to local, combatlog-based tracking. While the combatlog-based tracking does contain support for many cooldown modifiers, it is not complete; in some cases (e.g., reduction via azerite trait) it will overestimate the cooldown.

Back-End Addon Configuration

Unlike aura version, this addon has proper GUI configuration. You can find it in Interface -> Addons -> ZenTracker

Default Front-End WAs

You can configure the front-end WAs to look however you like, but the ones below serve as
reasonable defaults. You can find information on how to configure them in the
"Front-End Configuration" section below (and the images included on their respective Wago pages).


Type Sorting Link Update
Progress Bar Info (Type>Spell>Name) Iteration 40+
Progress Bar Availability Iteration 40+

Community Front-End WAs

Here are some of the available front-end WAs that have been developed by other members of the
community. Check them out for amazing functionality beyond the default front-end WAs provided above!


Author Link Description
Nnogga Displays rows of icons that are attached to party member UI frames

Front-End Configuration

You can find the configuration settings under "ZT Front-End ..." -> Actions Tab -> Expand OnInit Code.
The comments explain what each setting controls.

You can change the look and feel of the front-end WAs as usual using the WeakAuras configuration menu under
the Group/Display tabs. Each of the default front-end WAs above contains a list of types of spells it displays.

The example below will display HARDCC, SOFTCC, DISPEL, and UTILITY types.


    aura_env.types = {


Detailed Information

This is the backend portion which tracks cooldowns associated with various types of
spells (e.g., HARDCC and INTERRUPT). It exposes the following event types to WeakAuras,
which you can use in developing your own front-end WAs for ZenTracker, or any other WAs
that depend on group spell cast information:


  • ZT_ADD (type, watchID, member, spellID)
  • ZT_TRIGGER (type, watchID, duration, expiration)
  • ZT_REMOVE (type, watchID)




  1. type is the type of spell. Currently each tracked spell is assigned one of the following types:
  2. watchID is a unique identifier for the purposes of using a Trigger State Updater in WeakAura.
    This can be used to index into the allstates table.
  3. member is a table consisting of information about the group member, with fields such as .name and .specID.
  4. spellID corresponds to the WoW API ID for the spell. This can be used to display an appropriate icon.
  5. duration is the original time (in seconds) of the cooldown, adjusted according to talents taken by
    the group member that cast it.
  6. expiration is when the cooldown will expire. Initially equal to "GetTime() + duration", but may be modified in future ZT_TRIGGER events


The back-end WA also listens for ZT_REGISTER (type, id) and ZT_UNREGISTER (type, id) events from the
front-end WAs, where type is the same as above and id is a unique identifier for the front-end WA
(e.g., This allows flexible loading of front-end WAs according to the WA configuration
menu, and for the back-end to only watch types that one or more front-end WAs are interested in.