Last Updated: Apr 11, 2015 Game Version: 6.1.0


Oct 31, 2014

Owner: tomill

This addon translate your confession message (by Glyph of Confession) to Japanese!

In addition, you can select Japanese translated message to /say or /group.
Note: this addon requires Japanese font to see message.

Japanese Instructions Here (Nihongo no Setumei Koko ni Aru-yo) =>

type /zange to help/configure addon setting. available options:

/zange help  - to see help
/zange off   - off this addon.
/zange log   - translate confession (only in your log).
/zange say   - /say Japanese translated confession (do not spam or confess your spam)
/zange group - confession to group (raid or party)
/zange guild - to guild

Confession: some translations are something funny or incorrect or missing...

Thank you Hifa-san/chihirock to help :)


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