ZamestoTV: Remix - Mists of Pandaria (With tips on BIS Tinker Gem + Tmog check)


HandyNotes plugin. 

This is a simple addon that displays achievements for the game event "Remix: Mists of Pandaria". All achievements will give bronze lari which contain the new currency "bronze".


Below is a list of achievements that this addon supports:


Elusive Foes: The Jade Forest
Elusive Foes: Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Elusive Foes: Valley of the Four Winds
Elusive Foes: Kun-Lai Summit
Elusive Foes: Dread Wastes
Elusive Foes: Townlong Steppes
Elusive Foes: Krasarang Wilds
Elusive Foes: Timeless Isle
Elusive Foes: Isle of Thunder
Elusive Foes: Landfall
Powerful Enemies: Timeless Isle



Hidden Treasures: The Jade Forest
Hidden Treasures: Krasarang Wilds
Hidden Treasures: Valley of the Four Winds
Hidden Treasures: Kun-Lai Summit
Hidden Treasures: Townlong Steppes
Hidden Treasures: Timeless Isle


Displays the timer until the end of the event. The timer can be hidden with the command /zamm


Transmog Check:

Just press “Ctrl+ LMB” on the items and the chat will indicate whether you have it in your collection or not. (Example of work)

Prismatic Gems

Added tooltips to Prismatic Gems indicating what stage of upgrade they are at.


Tinker Gem
Added tooltips for Tinker Gem indicating what purposes they are intended for (DPS, Tank, Healer or not used).

Number of threads:

Displays the number of threads players have. Has a gradation of colors (green, blue, purple and orange).


Daily activity:
Displays your daily activity in the game. Showing whether you completed it or not. Displayed by command /zann


Bronze Tracker:

Bronze tracking, the window can be hidden with the /bronze command.


Automatic actions:
Automatic acceptance and delivery of daily quests at the bazaar.
Automatic opening of chests with bronze  (Disabled by default, enable with /zorr command).

Bronze to improve equipment

Displays the required amount of bronze to improve equipment, and also shows what equipment you can improve and to what level. Command /dumm (this functionality is hidden by default)


Russian, English, German and French (thank you Elzetia).


Designations on the map:
- Rare monster
- Treasure
- Powerful Enemies

- Added places where you can exchange Lesser Charm of Good Fortune for reputation.


Road map:
More achievements will be added.