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Filename XToLevel-5.1.0_35b1.zip
Uploaded by _ForgeUser614855
Uploaded Feb 24, 2013
Game Version 5.1.0
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tag 5.1.0_35b1
Kevin Ballard <kevin@sb.org>
2013-02-24 14:05:13 -0800

Tagged as 5.1.0_35b1


Kevin Ballard:
    - Update changes.txt for 5.1.0_35b1
    - Bump TOC for 5.1
    - Add timer support to Classic display
    The key "Timer Short" should be added to existing localizations
    - Add missing XP Short label to default_enUS.lua
    The keys "XP Bars Short" and "XP Percent Short" should be added to
    existing localizations.
    - Fix dragging/right click on classic frame
    The classic frame was allowing dragging with the right button when the
    mouse was over a data line. It was also not showing the configuration
    properly on right click.
    - Rewrite localization system
    Localizations are now managed by a few functions in the addon table. The
    current locale can be retrieved with addonTable.GetLocale(), which
    returns an auto-updating locale table. New locales can be created with
    addonTable.NewLocale(). Localizations should be populated using the
    lua_additive_table format, so as to not break unpackaged sources.
    This also gets rid of the global L and LOCALE names, which were
    dangerous (due to potential addon conflicts).
    Added a default_enUS.lua localization that is a hard copy of the current
    English localizations, and is only included in debug builds. This
    provides an english localization for unpackaged sources.