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XRaidStatus v3.1

The main concept of the addon is similar to the Raid Status Frame from CTRA, but this is completely written by Moonsorrow himself.

XRaidStatus is a tool for raid leaders and members who don't want to use raid frames because they aren't in need of them (melees, caster etc.). It shows 8 different types of bars:
- alive
- dead
- life
- mana
- range
- offline
- pvp
- afk (needs oRA2 or CT_RaidAssist)
(Type 9 is only a placeholder to group your bars). You can create a bar, select a type, and add classes to it. It has a configuration system so you can save the bars with a specified name and load them later again (useful at bosses who need a different monitoring).

Colors can be changed, too, for the bar, the bartext, the main backgroundcolor, main bordercolor and last but not least, the color of the "XRaidStatus " string. You have full control over how you want it to look like, and I'm interested in how your bars look, so post a screenshot once you're done setting up all bars and colors :)

As every bar is created directly in lua, there is no limit (only the wow window ;) )

Configuration can be called with a right-click on every bar. Global configuration is accessed through right-click on the main window. There are currently 4 textures provided with XRS to paint your bars differently. The global update rate timer defines the update time of the bars (the lower, the more often they are updating but using more cpu power, so try to find a value that fit your needs). Every bar can have a background bar so you see the maximum of the bar better.

A special raid leader menu will show up if you have 'L' or 'A' in a Raid. It is the icon in the topright corner of the frame. Currently there are 2 options. Buff check will print out the selected buffs which are missing in your raid to the raid chat (5 buffs supported: sta, ai, motw, spi and shadow protection). Ready check only calls the ready check from wow. The buff check can be set through a key binding for easier usage.

From version 1.11.2 and up, buff icons are back. You can create buff icons so you know who is missing a specified buffs. You can select from a predefined buff or enter an own one. If there isn't a texture for a buff in the db, a standard one will be used.

There are now 3 different methods of buffing people. The first one can be called with a keybinding. To use it, you have to create a buff icon first with the spell you want to cast (If you are a priest, create a buff icon with Power Word:Fortitude for example). The second method is to click the buff icon directly. The addon tries to buff all people who are in range. The last one will be called if you click the people directly in the tooltip (holding shift will call the group buff if you set one of the pre-defined buffs). For every possibility, you will only try to buff people who are specified by the buff icon property (class and group).

The possibility to detach tooltips is available for bars and buffs (ctrl leftclick). You can have as many tooltips detached as you want to, and they will be updating as the bars/buffs update.