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XPBarNone fails with "attempt to index global 'C_AzeriteItem' (a nil value)" on WoW Classic starting with Dec. 10, 2019 patch

#16 By  wirerydr

Created Dec 10, 2019 Updated Dec 10, 2019


As of today's patch, it looks like Blizzard has updated the WoW Classic client's version tag from 11302 to 11303.  As a result, this addon no-longer correctly figures out that it's running on Classic, and not Retail.  Instead, it fails to run, and displays something like the following error:


XPBarNone\Core.lua:121: attempt to index global 'C_AzeriteItem' (a nil value)


For those who wish to edit the addon's source code manually, there is a simple, one-line fix for this.


The file you want to edit is World of Warcraft\_classic_\Interface\Addons\XPBarNone\Core.lua


On or around line 30 should be something that looks like:


[11302] = true,



Change it to look like the following:


[11303] = true,


Save the file, reload the game, and you should be good.


- WireRydr


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