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XP MultiBar

XP / Reputation bar

No longer developed! Fixes and compatibility updates (hopefully) only!


Highly customizable bar displaying XP and reputation.


XP Bar:

  • Text display configuration using templates.
  • Color configuration.
  • Optional display of rested XP bonus as extra bar over XP bar.
  • Optional icons for disabled XP gain and maximum level.

Reputation Bar:

  • Supports regular reputation, friendships and Dragonflight's major factions (renown).
  • Text display configuration using templates.
  • Color configuration.
  • Automatic faction switch when reputation is increased (automatic watch).
  • Mouse click combo on the bar for faction selection.
  • Optional icons for faction reputation bonus, paragon reputation award etc.

Customizable setup of bar priority depending on character status.

Reputation Menu:

  • Reputation popup menu can be opened with Ctrl + Right mouse button click.
  • It can be used to view reputation standings and reputation amount (in menu item tooltip).
  • Watched faction and favorite factions can be set in menu.

Favorite Faction Popup:

  • Tooltip with selected favorite faction reputation is displayed when mouse hovering over the bar.
  • Favorite factions can be set using reputation menu or standard Reputation window.

Optional hiding standard XP/Artifact/Reputation bars

Mouse click shortcuts:

Predefined shortcuts
  • Shift + Left mouse button click - copy bar text to current / last used chat window.
  • Shift + Right mouse button click - open addon settings.
  • Ctrl + Right mouse button click - open reputation popup menu / WoW reputation window.
Up to 13 more configurable shortcuts with Ctrl, Alt, Shift and Left, Right, Middle Mouse buttons
Use common actions or toggle options, or use command line for modifying any option (can be taken from Help page)

Slash command


Without arguments: Open addon settings.
With command line: set option value (complete list is in the Help page).


  • Korean: kdw112.
  • more translators wanted!


  • phyber for original idea.
  • Morticia for addon testing.