39,528 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 18, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.2

Lightweight addon that simplifies the user interface for an optimal PvP experience.


Adding options to show / hide or enable / disable:


  • Loss of control alerts background
  • UI errors & objective updates
  • Experience bar
  • Up / Down Arrows
  • Extra buttons (Moves the 12th button on each of the right side action bars to the bottom bars)
  • Feedback text
  • PvP Icons
  • Combat indicator
  • Class colors (Player, others, and tooltip)
  • Bags
  • Screen Glow & Screen Effects (Removing 'blurry' invis)
  • Hot Keys & Macro Names


And additionally includes:


  • Dampening display in arena
  • Auto vendor gray items
  • Hidden minimap zoom icons (Scroll wheel enabled instead)
  • Hidden end caps (gryphons) & bottom bar artwork
  • Posture check Alert System (0-60min frequency setting)


Thank you to Stako, the creator of sArena, for making this possible!


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