Now has the ability to import herb & mine data into Carbonite.


WoWGatheringNodes is a data importer for Gathermate2, Carbonite and Gatherer. It currently includes up to date data points for the following objects:

  • Mining Nodes
  • Herb Bushes
  • Archeology Sites
  • Lumber
  • Gas Nodes
  • Fishing Pools
  • Various Treasure and Containers

It also has the ability to inject additional objects into Gathermate, Carbonite & Gatherer to allow data for additional object types not currently supported natively by those addons.  Currently it adds support for:

  • Hidden Wyrmtouge treasures.
  • BfA Treasure Chests
  • BfA Supply Drop Chests
  • 8.2 Resourses

BfA "Rich Osmenite Deposit"
BfA "Osmenite Seam"
BfA "Osmenite Deposit"
BfA "Zin'anthid"
BfA "Mechanized Chest"

BfA "Glimmering Chest"


 With additional objects being worked on.

 Note:  WoWGatheringNodes must be enabled for the injected objects to be shown.


To use,

you just need to enable WoWGatheringNodes, open Gatherer/Carbonite/Gathermate's option menu and select the WoWGatheringNodes Import area.  For detailed instructions go here

Or set the Auto Import functionality and the addon will auto import new data when it finds an database update.