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WoW Challenger

The goal of WoW Challenger is to motivate players to accomplish world quests, hard achievements, find secret mounts, pets and transmogs by tracking their progress.


There are 4 different pages in this addon:

Page 1/4: RPG Mini-Game. Complete the daily quests and world quests that the game offers to progress in your campaigns. You will play a character fighting against enemies. For this, you can improve his abilities and unlock appearances. See what it looks like with the video below. You can also create your own fight with your characters and spells by downloading WoW Challenger Creator.


Page 2/4: This page explains how to complete hard achievement in the game by tracking your progress with an intuitive interface and tips. Actually, there are 7 achievements to complete in this addon.

Achievements WoW ChallengerAchievements 2 WoW Challenger


Page 3/4: This page explains how to have hard/secret things like achievements/mounts/pets/transmogs in the game. The addon is made to make your search as easy as possible so you don't waste time. There are more 50 guides and you can create yours by download this expansion: WoW Challenger Creator




Page 4/4: Ranking page where you can see your addon score by comparing it with members of your guild and people you meet.
ranking page

You can have unique profile by supporting in Patreon (Uncommon/Rare/Epic/Legandary profile) :

uncommon profilerare profileepic profilelegendary profile


More information about the addon...

  • Available in 7 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian)
  • RPG mini game
  • Very intuitive interface
  • Follow your progress in live
  • 7 challenges
  • 15 secret mounts
  • 11 secret pets
  • 26 transmogs
  • Custom textures, icon and pictures
  • Progress bars that show the progress of the challenge
  • Icon that show current challenge rewards
  • Challenges are seperate in tab and in step
  • Tips for challenges
  • Show/hide on your world map a position of a mob/item/other
  • When a mission is completed, appears in green with a check

Quick Start

To open the addon, type /wc or /wowchallenger into your chat and hit enter or use the minimap icon.

Type /wcmapon to show the minimap button.

Type /wcmapoff to hide the minimap button.

Bugs and Improvements

Do not hesitate to send me what can be improved, and ideas for new contents.
BUG REPORT ONLY HERE: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/wowchallenger/issues AND ON THE DISCORD.