WorthIt values gold farms by taking the averages you receive from a gold farm and prices it towards your servers prices giving you an approximate Gold Per Hour. This is to save time within game deciding on what to farm.


Price Source (Optional Choice):

  • TSM ( Tradeskillmaster) Addon
  • TSM ( Tradeskillmaster) Desktop Application


  • Auctionator Addon Price Source 
  • Oribos Exchange Addon Price Source


( Optional )

Routes Addon: With this addon it will allow you to view and import the routes within WorthIt.

TomTom Addon: This will allow you to use the waypoints for Frozen orb Flipping.

Scrap Addon: Having this addon it will help track rawgold within the WorthIt Recorder.





Mining, Herbalism, Skinning, Fishing, Cloth, Miscellaneous, RawGold, Mounts, Toys, Transmog.

The Farming Module will take the averages of gold farms and price match them against your servers prices ( Price Source used in Configuration ) and provide you with an approximate average Gold Per Hour for you.



Disenchanting, Prospecting, Milling, Ink Trader, Frozen Orb Trader, Spirit of Harmony Trader.

The Flipping Modules will take the prices of the items used in said flips and will be matched against the average items received providing you with an estimate of profit you can make through the Flipping Module.




The MyFarms Module will display any and all farms you have recorded within the WorthIt recorder which is found on this same module. It will take the items you collected in an hours worth of farms and price it to your servers prices.


Inside the recorder which you can pull up with either the Recorder button in MyFarms or by using “/wit recorder”. Inside the recorder you are able to record farms, export them so as to share with others and also import farms other users have shared.

 User Guide:

Here is the First Video of a mini series going over every Feature of WorthIt and How To Use The Addon



  1. Download WorthIt
  2. Go To Configuration
  3. Select Price Source to your preferred Pricing source ( this will default to “Dbmarket” )