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Last Updated: Aug 31, 2017 Game Version: 7.3.0


Sep 12, 2016

Owner: Robou

World Quest Group Finder is an addon designed to find or create groups for world quests with a single click

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 Most world quests can be completed very quickly when in a group. A lot of players are probably doing the same world quest as you at the same time, but on other servers. Creating a group every time you start a world quest would take too much time, and looking for one is annoying too. World Quest Group Finder was created to make this process automatic!

By simply clicking on a world quest in the objective tracker, or entering a world quest's area, World Quest Group Finder will try to find groups of users doing that world quest at the same time. If no other group is available, it will automatically create your own, so that other players using the addon can join it automatically, or even players without the addon, as the created group will have all the required information indicating what world quest you are currently doing.

As the userbase of World Quest Group Finder will grow, it will become easier to find groups, so if you enjoy this addon please let your friends know about it!

Never do your world quests alone again!


Note : this description is severely outdated.

How to use

There are three ways to start using World Quest Group Finder:
- Clicking on a world quest in the objective tracker (middle or right button)

- Clicking on a world quest on the world map (middle mouse button)
- Entering a world quest area and selecting to search for a group when prompted.

Things to know

- World Quest Group Finder searches the group finder tool for groups doing the requested world quest (only groups created by the addon are eligible)
- If no existing groups are found, a new one is created by the player.
- If groups are found, the user is automatically applied to each of them. If no response is given after 45 seconds, the search restarts, ignoring the previously applied groups. In most cases this will result to a new group being created by the player.
- Cancelling an apply or declining an invitation to a group will prevent the user from being applied to this group again. It is possible to clear the blacklisted groups by typing "/wqgf unbl".
- If the player is the group leader, the default behavior is to automatically invite every appliants, prioritizing World Quest Group Finder users.
- Note : By default, the auto invite is done through a custom function to avoid the group being flagged as auto-inviting, which would make it spammed by realm hoppers.
- The world quest the player is currently grouped for is pinned to the objective tracker, and surrounded by a golden frame.
- For obvious reasons, you cannot use this addon for Dungeon, pet battle and profession world quests.
- World Quest Group Finder won't try to find or create a group while queued for a dungeon, raid or battleground.

Addon configuration

World Quest Group Finder configuration panel can be accessed from the Addon configuration page ("Interface => Addons => WorldQuestGroupFinder")
- Auto-invite: configure how the addon handles auto inviting (Disabled, auto-invite WQGF users, auto-invite everyone, use WoW's default auto-invite mode). By default, the addon is inviting everyone to the group. WoW's default auto-invite mode is not used to avoid realm hoppers.
- World quest end dialog: choose whether you want the addon to offer to leave the group after a world quest is done. This is enabled by default.
- Party notification: the addon will notify the group when you have finished the world quest. This is enabled by default
- New world quest zone detection: when enabled, this feature shows a dialog when entering a world quest area for the first time of the play session, proposing to search for a group. It is also possible to choose to automatically search or create a group when entering a world quest zone (when not currently grouped). By default, the dialog is set to show when entering a new zone and not currently doing another World Quest. Automatic search is disabled.
- Auto-accept group invites: when enabled, you will automatically accept invitations to groups you have applied with WQGF. 1 less click to do!



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