World Quests List

Last Updated: Jul 19, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Jun 6, 2016

Owner: ykiigor


* Added LFG (group finder) option [in testing] <any reports & feedback welcome>



* BfA update (8.0.1)
* added button for quick navigate between Zandalar and Kul-Tiras
* quest icons on general (continents) maps
* quick link to wowhead (right click on quest name)
* shell game helper
* new filters (azerite, reputations)
* new factions filters
* tooltip with reputation rewards for quests
* options for manipulations with list on azeroth/Broken Isles maps (i.e. include/exclude agrus/legion quests, etc)
* second icon for profession quests
* standalone arrow, no addons required
* text color for zone names
* added treasure/rares mode [beta]