World Quest Tracker

39,456,675 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 10, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

WQT - General Information

World Quest Tracker is a quality of life addon. It shows all world quests directly on the world map of Broken Isles.

Link on Curse: World Quest Tracker

Has a tracker where the players can add world quests they wanna do. The tracker tells the direction the player has to go (an arrow) and also the distance. With that, player don't need to open the map all the time to see where to go.

Shows quests being tracked on the Fly map. Make easy to choose which fly point to get.

Has statistics of how many world quests the character completed on daily basis. Can see how much gold, artifact power, resources got on latest days or life time.


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Main Map Screen with WQT:

Quest Tracker:


Fly Map:

Summary Panel:


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