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Auto leaving groups when completing WQ

#1060 By  johnielt

Created Jan 12, 2020 Updated Jan 12, 2020


Your question might have been answered in the FAQ:

You may try asking in Discord:



- Which version of WQT are you using? Version 8.2.5



- Describe the problem (if some action triggers it or if is random, when it started, etc): Issue is it makes you auto leave a group, raid, etc. (if you're in one) when you complete a WQ.



- Include a screenshot of the problem (required for visual glitches): No screen shot since I've turned it off for now until it's fixed. Spent 2-3 days trying to figure out what was causing me to auto leave my groups when completing WQs. Deleted other addons, turned off one at a time until I hit this addon which one my friend wasn't using the addon and so I tested it. With it turned off, it no longer auto leaves me from my group. Please fix this addon :) it's very useful information! Thanks!




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