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Does not show up

#1052 By  dofindale

Created Oct 16, 2019 Updated Oct 22, 2019


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This addon seems bugged.  There is no quest tracker to be found in the UI.  The Damage meter does show up though.



Oct 21, 2019

My WQT (v8.2.5.383) stopped working about 15 minutes ago.  There was no warning or error message.  I was just traveling on a mount and the arrow simply ceased to exist and when I go to Interface -> addons menu WQT no longer shows even though it is ticked as being installed.  Sorry I can't provide more info.


EDIT:  A small patch for the game went in tonight, so I was told, and the game is now v8.2.5.32185 although I don't know if that matters.  :)

Edited Oct 21, 2019

Oct 22, 2019

Got the update today and working great.  :)

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