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Uploaded by Terciob
Uploaded Jul 20, 2020
Game Version 8.3.0
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lightweight tag 2423a6b3bad9dd8bb0d33525c5c4daf86dc6302d v8.3.0.398
Author:    Tercio Jose <>
Date:    Mon Jul 20 16:31:03 2020 -0300

commit 2423a6b3bad9dd8bb0d33525c5c4daf86dc6302d
Author: Tercio Jose <>
Date:   Mon Jul 20 16:31:03 2020 -0300

    Revamp on how the addon work with TomTom

    The tracker for world quests won't hide when using TomTom, instead now there's a green arrow to to click to show the tomtom arrow.
    When tracking a new quest this arrow is shown automatically tracking the new quest.

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