Wisent AKA Bison2 - Buff & Debuff Tracking

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Game Version 7.2.0
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## Wisent v1.0.0 - Recent changes (2 releases)

    Reworked ComboBar to track Legion "combo points" (and spells/buffs that fulfill a similar role) for all classes

    This is the initial release based on the outdated Bison-2.4.4 (which was last updated in Cataclysm)

    Fixed an issue that caused spell procs to spam the client with LUA errors while they were active
    Fixed broken backdrop textures for anchors that are displayed when the addon is unlocked

    Unlocked group frames are now always shown when enabled (to avoid them bugging out after reloadUI/relog)
    The "debug" setting is now saved properly across sessions and restored at startup, as it should always have been

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