2,023,964 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 1, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.5


Shows the preference pane for the Wholly addon.


This shows the Quest Detail panel to which Wholly has added the quest ID in the top left corner.  The quest ID provides a tooltip with further quest information.


This shows a tooltip for a quest that cannot be obtained because there are unfulfilled prerequisites. It shows the quest information from the server, the quest ID and its status of "Prerequisites", the quest givers and location, the place to turn the...


This shows an example tooltip showing the quests associated with the zone. The numbers show how many quests there are of each type in the zone. Yellow are currently available, grey are available but low-level, white are too high for the player, red a...


This shows available quests in yellow, and quests currently in the quest log in purple. Each quest has its level indicated in brackets before the name.


This shows a map with pins indicating the locations of quest givers. The yellow pins are for quests that are currently available. The red pins are for quests that require prerequisites to be met.


This shows map pins for quest giver locations. The yellow pins are for currently available quests. The blue exclamation points are for repeatable quests that are reset, like dailies. The blue question marks are for true repeatable quests.