Whoa ThickFrames (for Wow Classic)

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Filename whoaThickFrames_Classic_v1.2.2.zip
Uploaded by smokked_
Uploaded Sep 12, 2019
Game Version 1.13.2
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Supported WoW Classic Versions


NOTE: WoW Classic´s API returns target values as a percentage of total health pool. For more accurate numbers use RealMobHealth addon.
Added status text format for units over 1.000.000 to 1M.
Attempt to improve target of target frame display.


Fix for other addons not liking shamans blue color.
Party frames are still tainting so they got disable.


Applied status text style to pet frames.
Attempt to avoid a taint with party frames.


Added native status text for target frames.
Removed compatibility with RealMobHealth, although it will affect whoa.
Fixed "Enlarge Aura". Now it can be turned off.
Fixed "Disabled mouse click over frames...". Should no taint and will also affect pet and target of target frames.
Fixed Shamans colors to blue instead of pink. This will affect most Blizzards default UI , not just unit frames.


Added retail style status text for player frame.
Added compatibility for RealMobHealth addon and retail style status text for target frame (when RealMobHealth is enabled).


Target of target themed again.
Party frames option available.


Initial release.
Based on live WTF with commented most code related to target status texts frames and complete disabled focus frames functions. Will be re implemented as long as features are available on client.
*Rushed release.