While You Were Out


Warning: This project is experimental. Its files will not synchronize across the CurseForge network.

Current Version # is 0.5.1. Once the addon's file has been uploaded here, please read the readme.txt file located inside the addon's folder for information regarding to what this current alpha version's functionality is.

Current To-Do List for Next Version:

  • Fix Error with AFK message not appearing when using a custom AFK message (i.e. /away x)
  • Code Slash Commands
  • Figure out how to use Git
  • Attempt to figure out why the addon has issues with SpartanUI's SpinCam

Let's say you're on a high population server, such as Illidan, Area 52, or others. Your trade chat is pretty fast isn't it? What happens if you need to go AFK for a second and you don't want to miss any important messages to you or your guild? Well, unfortunately, your best choice would probably be leaving the city so that when you return you can still scroll up and see it.

I know what you may be thinking: "Hey, that's not a very efficient solution! Isn't there any other way?" I've asked myself this over and over in the past, and I finally said to myself, "Maybe somebody should do something about this."

In comes While You Were Out. While You Were Out (or WYWO for short) is an addon that detects when your character goes AFK. When your character is detected as being AFK (whether it be via you typing /away or /afk, or you idling and your character automatically going AFK), the addon kicks in, creating a new chat tab titled "WYWO" which copies over any new guild chat, whispers, Real ID / Battle-tag messages and broadcasts, invites, trades, queue pops, and more, to this new chat tab. When your character returns from being AFK, you are greeted by the addon and told how many messages you missed - and what kind of messages they are - and that you can find them in the new chat tab. If you want to exit the chat tab, simply type "/wywo close", and the tab will be closed.

Using this addon, you can go AFK worry-free, and know that when you come back, you can see everything you missed.

It doesn't matter whether or not you're not on a high population server, because I feel this addon could still be of great use to you! :P

This is my first addon ever, so I hope you enjoy :)

-Nethlocks <US-Fenris> Horde

Currently, the addon is in development, and is near a closed beta stage, in which I will let a few of my friends mess around with the addon to make sure everything works. Once this has concluded, I will put the addon up on here for open beta. Please send me a PM or make a comment on this addon's page of any bugs you may find. Doing so will greatly increase the chance that the addon will be good to go with minimal to no bugs and / or other issues.


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