Last Updated: Apr 5, 2014 Game Version: 5.4.7


Apr 2, 2014

Owner: _ForgeUser7432403


I kind of lost motivation during the end of Mists' life cycle, and then again during the Draenor conflict. Fortunately we're back in force for our adventures on the Broken Isles. Currently just working on seeing if I can clean-up the code, and adding the things that were missing.

The addon adds text to the tooltips of herbs in the game, which lists what zones the herbs are located in. For example: Fool's Cap would have the text "Gathered in: Dread Wastes, Townlong Steppes, The Jade Forest, Timeless Isle."

There are no commands for the addon at the moment, because it is just a very small, very low memory addon.

Future Releases to include: *Up-to-date Herbs *Ores *Cloth *Skins

Thanks to [[http://www.twitch.tv/nragegaming|NrageGaming]] for the new name idea.


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