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What Did I Dispel 2

Whenever you dispel something, this addon writes the linked name of the buff/debuff you dispelled in the chat window. Additionally, it saves every dispel in a list and displays the list upon request.

Being a heal in WoW, you don't have the time to read the description of a debuff in combat. You either dispel immedately, or you don't dispel. This addon gives you the chance to have a look at the debuff you dispelled after combat in order to check if it was necessary to dispel so you know next time. In raids, this helps you tracking your dispels.

This addon does not write anything in a chat channel, you are the only one who sees your dispels.

How to use

Install addon and dispel something. You see a link to the debuff dispelled in the chat window. Left click on the link to see a small window with a description of the buff/debuff. Right click on the name of the buff to show a link to wowhead.com. Type "/dispel help" and hit return to get a list of commands.

Supported commands

  • Display list of dispels: /dispel
  • Clear the list of dispels: /dispel clear
  • Clear the dispel list on login: /dispel login
  • Set the dispel list size to 10: /dispel 10
  • Set the dispel list size to infinite: /dispel 0
  • Display help menu: /dispel help

This AddOn is exactly the same as "What Did I Dispel", but compatible with WoW Patch 4.2. Original code by curttasker.