745 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 30, 2016 Game Version: 6.2.3

** This addon is discontinued as Legion removed the ability to queue this information **

This is a really simple addon that adds a new slash command (/wgrasp) that can be used anywhere to check when the next Wintergrasp battle on your realm is due and if it is possible for you to enter.

Besides adding /wgrasp, it also adds another command for Tol Barad named /tbarad that does the exact same just for Tol Barad (Why? Because Kiianna told me to)

I wrote this while farming wins for the master achievement, but I encountered a minor annoyance which is that the world map doesn't always show you the time, often not when you are not in Northrend but by using this simple command, I can find out anywhere when the next battle is.