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This add on is a gear management add on that works along side the Blizzard in game equipment manager.

  • Equips your weapon(s) from a gear set via the in game Equipment Manager if you enter combat with a fishing pole.
  • Changes to the specified set when zoning into an instance if not equipped.
  • Automatically swap gear sets when you change specs.
  • Automatically equips your lances for jousting.
  • Support for a cooking set.
  • Optionally allows you to re-equip your last set when dismounting your argent tournament mount, while fishing or when leaving dungeons or battlegrounds.

-Since Patch 4.2 addons can no longer intellegently swap items while in combat. Because of this, combat swaps may not always work.

-With Patch 7.0.3 the Chef's Hat has become a toy and will no longer be manageable by this addon. 

Note: This add on requires use of the in game Equipment Manager to function properly. Upon first use you must configure your sets and settings in the blizzard options pane to begin using. 

  • slash command /eb or /equipmentbuddy
  • To enable or disable equips type /eb on or /eb off.
  • To enable or disable weapon re-equip type /eb reequip on or /eb reequip off.
  • To enable or disable pvp mode type /eb pvp on or /eb pvp off.
  • To enable or disable jousting support type /eb jousting on or /eb jousting off.
  • To enable or disable spec switching mode type /eb spec on or /eb spec off.
  • To enable or disable instance swaps type /eb instance on or /eb instance off.
  • You can change any of these setting in the blizzard settings pane under addons or just type /eb.